Autotransfusion Simplified Part 3


Credits : 1  |  Course Length :

Course Overview

This lecture is presented for general informational purposes only and is not intended to replace thorough training by the manufacturer of a specific autotransfusion device.  This was designed to educate learners who wish to become familiar with the operation of autotransfusions systems. It also serves as a refresher course for those individuals already performing autotransfusion procedures.

In this lecture, we will apply what we have learned from the 2 previous lectures by walking through the hardware and disposables needed for the collection, processing and administration of Red Blood Cells; explore in further detail the 3 basic modes of cell saver devices; discuss in depth the entire procedure beginning with collection of whole blood through completion of processing and transfusing back to the patient.  We provide review of documentation required by the autotransfusionist.