What is Anesthesia Tech Pearls?

Anesthesia Tech Pearls provides an online avenue for current anesthesia technicians and technologists to obtain Continuing Education credits as required by the ASATT.

Anesthesia technologists and technicians traditionally have had to attend ASATT meetings to earn CE’s specific to anesthesia technology. ASATT has specific requirements pertaining to CE’s that must be met.

Having created lectures to assist technicians at our hospitals for the exam preparation, we worked with ASATT to create an online venue that would meet their requirements and simplify the re-certification process. Simply put, we created the Anesthesia Tech Pearls website to give certified anesthesia technicians and technologists an alternative, online way to earn CE’s that are both approved and accepted by ASATT.  Additionally, anesthesia technicians may use the lectures to assist with preparation for the certification exam.

When do the lectures start?


All lectures are posted online.  You purchase the lecture and watch the video when you dang well feel like it.  The lectures are added to your account once you purchase them.   A ten question exam is given at the end of each lecture.  You can take this exam over and over until you pass.  You can see the lecture again and again – until you pass the exam.  The lecture becomes inactive once the exam is passed.  Your CE credits are added to your transcript once you pass the exam.  The lectures are available 24/7, 365 days a year and may be taken at your convenience.

Can you email me my CEs?


Your CE history is maintained FOREVER on your online transcript.  Simply log in to your account and print out your transcript.  This is located under “Course History”.

Can the hospital pay for my classes?


All purchases must be made with a credit card.  A purchase receipt is emailed to you.  Use this receipt for reimbursement purposes.  Unfortunately, the security on the website makes it impossible to use someone else’s credit card.  For example, if the hospital was willing to use their credit card to make the purchase — no good.  This security prevents stolen cards from being used.

Will your lectures help me pass the certification exam?


Use the lectures for studying and only take a refresher exam once you feel that you are ready.  A big mistake people make is treating the refresher exams as a study guide.  Bad idea.  The exams should pinpoint areas of weakness that need further study.  They are not intended as a study guide.

The lectures will assist you in obtaining the knowledge that is required to pass the certification exams. The modules are especially beneficial to anesthesia technicians that have limited exposure to certain topics. For example, techs working in an ambulatory care setting may not be familiar with autotransfusion procedures.

The refresher exams were created with two purposes in mind:  1). Objective tests measure the tech’s knowledge of facts, their ability to reason logically, recognize similarities and differences, and apply general concepts to problems. The exams were created to assist anesthesia technicians in noting their area(s) of weakness.  2). To assist techs that may be poor test takers or help with overcoming exam anxiety.

Will taking your refresher exams make me a Certified Anesthesia Technician or Technologist?


The only way to become a Certified Anesthesia Technician or Technologist is to take the national exam offered by the ASATT.  Go to their website at ASATT.org.  We do not credential anesthesia techs; rather, we assist with obtaining CE’s needed to maintain your credentials.

What is the purpose of these lectures?

To provide an online avenue for current Anesthesia Technicians and Technologists to obtain Continuing Education (CE) credits as required by the ASATT to maintain their certification.

Are these lectures ASATT approved?


The lecture and exams are approved by ASATT. The ASATT also reviews the exam content for accuracy.

Is this an online school designed to graduate Anesthesia Technicians and Technologist?


Anesthesia Tech Pearls is designed to provide an online avenue for current Anesthesia Technicians and Technologists to obtain Continuing Education credits as required by the ASATT. We are not an online Associates Degree program.